Field Studio Identity

Identity development for FIELD Studio of Architecture and Urbanism.

FIELD Studio are a Christchurch based team of skilled and passionate architectural professionals. Established in 2014 by Andrew Just, Kyle Lewis and Tim Coombes to act as a dynamic infrastructure to support the design and development of complex projects, whilst maintaining the energy of spontaneous collaboration and participation of diverse individuals. This unique structure encourages a lively and imaginative creative process and flexible project-specific approaches, affording a high quality social, economic and architectural outcome.

FIELD Studio, are some of my favourites crews to collaborate with. Working with them since their inception in 2014, I helped to develop and translate their vision into a coherent Visual Identity. With visual cues drawn from mapping symbols, specifically an icon that denotes landforms, the aim was to create a visual gesture that connected FIELD with a sense of place and purpose. The triangular pennant also speaks to the idea of marking out space, place and identity.

This Brandmark system is integrally combined with a dynamic colour palette system. To help describe and catalogue the variety of projects that FIELD undertakes, Project Palettes allow each project to be categorised (as an Urbanism, Commercial, Community, Residential, Small Works or Arts project), then each project is then assigned a unique colour.

We have rolled out this Identity across business cards, signage and project proposals and a website for FIELD is currently in the pipeline.

Client: FIELD Studio of Architecture and Urbanism

Role: Art Director

Date: 2014