Every Cup, Every Time

‘Every Cup Every Time – The Insiders Guide’ brand book for Underground Coffee Company.

Underground Coffee Company have been roasting and brewing premium coffee for the espresso-sipping people of Aotearoa since 2003.

I was asked to try and distill the essence of the Underground Brand into a ‘how-to’ guide. They didn’t want to take themselves too seriously, to connect with an urbanity, but retaining heart with which they executed their business. The comprehensive publication included a mix and match illustrative demonstration of the ideal characteristics of a Underground team member.

I worked with them from 2014 until the end of 2016 producing a diverse range of design materials, and developed a ‘rough & ready’ illustrative vernacular, paired with a loose & cheeky attitude to communications and pulling from an ‘underground’ street art ouevre, tapping into the subversive spirit of the Underground Brand.

Client: Underground Coffee Company

Role: Art Director / Copy Writer / Illustrator

Date: 2015