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/the building blocks of branding /forming strong creative bonds


Ahh you’ve found me!

Jn – while simplifying me down to my most barest element – periodic styles – Jn is also a nod to my time as a traveller, hopelessly encumbered with the treasure that is the dulcet Kiwi accent, and my interminable struggle to communicate what I had always thought of as the simplest and most immediate representation of me – my name: Jen, or was that Gin? No, no its Jen. Jane? Chin? Jan? …It’s Jen. Ken (that one is courtesy of auto correct)? Jam? Nup, definitely Jen.

We’d always get there in the end though.

So, Hi! It’s nice to meet you, I’m Jen.

I like to explore the chemistry and the craft of great design.

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I have worked across the world & across cultures & I am on a constant hunt to do great work with great people.

Maybe that is you?

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